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However, this may just have been him making excuses so that he wouldn't have to admit he lost his Sburb beta discs in an incident involving a crow and a certain worthless piece of shit sword.

Nevertheless, Rose's pestering eventually wears him down, and he goes to retrieve Bro's copy of Sburb.

Microsoft is killing off the legendary Paint, which has been a Windows staple for 32 years.

The drawing program, which entertained many in the early days of home computing remains a favourite for some illustrators.

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Because of Davesprite, Dave gets a lot of high-level gear early on.

And holy crap, the level of detail is unbelievable.

To see more of Lasko’s work and hear about his story, check out this short documentary directed by Josh Bogden.

Eventually he exposits about this during Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 5, confirming these suspicions.

At some point (most likely due to Jade's prophetic influence) he befriended John, Rose, and Jade through the internet, and often talks with them on Pesterchum Though he did have the game, Dave has no interest in Sburb and thinks it was a total piece of shit, going so far as to and further antagonize John for wanting to play the game.

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